I told you that you could drive tons of traffic to your site without spending hours upon hours promoting it online?


You wouldn’t believe me, OR you are thinking it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg.

The truth is… you CAN and it will cost you LESS than your weekly Starbucks tab. 

First things first! 

I spent nearly $500 on Pinterest courses and did hours and hours (and hours) of research to figure out every single aspect of Pinterest. I don’t want you to have to do the same! 

Pinterest is a massive traffic powerhouse and will be one of the most essential tools you will ever use. Seriously. If you think you have Pinterest figured out, think again! 90% of bloggers are using Pinterest incorrectly! And I was one of them! 

And now, Pinterest sends me over 100,000+ page views A MONTH!  

Let me give you a quick run down! Here is what you will learn…

Learn to optimize your Pinterest account for success!

Unfortunately, Pinterest isn't as simple as it seems! It takes 100% knowledge of how the platform works in terms of SEO, optimization, and the algorithm! I will show you all of that!


Creating a Pinterest for Business account.

If you are starting from scratch or want to convert your personal account to a business account I will walk you through it all step-by-step.


Claiming your Website & Enabling Rich Pins.

To give your content and even wider reach!


Keywords, SEO & Account Optimization

  • How to look for trending keywords on Pinterest.
  • How to use the new trending keyword tool.
  • How to optimize your entire Pinterest profile for SEO.
  • How to set up and optimize your boards for SEO
  • How to properly optimize a Pinterest pin for SEO


How to Create High Converting Pinterest Pins!

The point of Pinterest is to get optimal traffic to your website!

  • Pin design 101
  • How to get your pins to convert to clicks
  • Types of Pinterest Pins and how to use them!


Pinning Strategies!

  • Manual pinning strategies
  • Group Boards 101.


Analytics & Pin Metrics

  • Breakdown of your analytics.
  • How to read your analytics and create better content moving forward.row.

Income/Monetize your blog 

  • 85 affiliates organized by blogging niche, you can easily join and start making money with your blog! 
  • How to create pins that promote your affiliates without having to write a blog post!
  • 4+ ways to market your affiliates that don't have to do with a blog post!

Proven strategies! 

Did you know my following, on average grows over 1,000+ a month? 

And no you don't NEED TailWind!

Can you imagine what that would do for your traffic? 

Below is a screen shot showing the average daily traffic I get from Pinterest to my website!

Monthly LIVE Conversion Training!

Monthly LIVE training on Pinterest Pin Conversion!  

Do you have an underperforming pin? A pin that isn't entirely sending you the traffic you would have hoped?  

We can help with that! Once a month in the Private Student Group, we do live training on pin conversion. You can drop a link to one underperforming pin, and we will go over tips and tricks to help it convert even better!  

If you can't make the monthly scheduled live training that's ok, you can drop a link and watch the re-play when you aren't busy! 

What others are saying!

"Megan is a natural teacher. She nurtures her students and is truly invested in their success. I have been blogging for a little over 3 years. I let my Pinterest completely tank before I started her Pinterest Ninja course, so I would not think "oh, I already know that". Turns out, what I knew about Pinterest could fill a bucket, and what she taught me could fill a swimming pool. I basically had to redo just about everything! It was worth it! Her classes are AMAZING!!!!! She offers so much value, and she is so knowledgeable!!! I cannot thank her enough for making your classes affordable!!!!"

Christina Deptulski

I have all of Megan's courses and e-books, I love how she is always at the cutting edge of Pinterest strategy. I used her VA Ninja course to launch my own Pinterest management company and had 3 clients within 2 weeks. I highly recommend both Pinterest Ninja and VA Ninja.

Cait Blakley

Read more reviews HERE!

Unlimited Lifetime Access to the Ninja Student's Facebook Group! 

This is a PRIVATE group JUST for Ninja students! 

Not only will you get even more FREE LIVE training but this is a place for you to ask AS many questions as you want! 

  • Have a question about pin design? 
  • Pin conversion? 
  • Pinterest SEO still have you confused? 
  • Your Pinning strategy not working? 
  • Analytics tank? 
  • Need to find some more Pinterest Group Boards to join? 
  • TailWind Tribes? 

We can help with ALL of that AND MORE! 

ONE last thing! 

When you become a Pinterest Ninja student, you get EVERY SINGLE future update FOR FREE! Pinterest is a constant changing platform, so updates are always being made! 

And that update gets sent RIGHT to your inbox! 

Pretty cool right?!

Last UPDATED September, 5th 2021


Who is this course for? This course is for those who are struggling with Pinterest (or are new to the platform) and want to learn all the in's and out's! 

Do you offer refunds? Unfortunately no. Due to the digital nature of this product, I do not offer refunds, and all sales are final. Sadly many people take advantage of purchasing my product, downloading it, and asking for their money back. PLEASE read the sales page before purchasing as a refund will not be issued.

Do I need to be super tech-savvy? Nope! You need to know the basics of using a website! And no, you don't NEED a blog! 

Will I see results? YES! As long as you take the course step-by-step and implement each step as you go! There are end of chapter re-caps just for this purpose! 

Questions? You can email me ANY time as you are working your way through the course! I am happy to help! Megan@LoveFamilyHealth.com

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Pinterest Ninja eCourse


This is a FULLY online course!

It also includes PDF summaries of each chapter! You get an eBook and online course ALL IN ONE! 

Check out the online version of Pinterest Ninja HERE! 

Option 2: Pinterest Ninja eCourse + VA Ninja eCourse


You can check out VA Ninja HERE.

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