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Have you been racking your brain over how to make an income with your blog? 

Have you been racking your brain over how to make an income with your blog? 

Other than ads... 

The Two Best Ways to Make an Income With Your Blog Are:

1. Affiliate Marketing 

2. Selling a Digital Product

Combine the two and you get... 

Money Making MAGIC! 

My very first eBook, Pinterest Ninja + My other eBook sales made me over $35,000 in less than one year

And that is JUST from the course sales alone. 

Want to know how much I made from the affiliates within my eBook? 


That's a combined total of $59,156.85 from eBook sales! 

And it continues to make me anywhere from $3,000-$4,000 every single month. One eBook. I did this all while being a full time stay-at-home Mom, with two kids ages 6 and 3. 

As cheesy as it sounds, if I can do it, anyone can. Fo REAL! 

Each niche specific topic in eBook Ninja, has room for MANY affiliates! So no matter your niche, you will be able to make affiliate income with your eBook! 

Here is what you will learn: 

Chapter 1: 100+ eBook Topics for EVERY Niche! 

  • Motherhood & Parenting
  • Food
  • Health & Fitness
  • Marketing & Tech
  • Travel 
  • Fashion & Beauty

PLUS affiliate ideas to go with each topic! Because I want to show you how to keep making money even after you make a sale! 

Chapter 2: Finding Affiliates and How to Incorporate Them Into Your eBook! Printable affiliate tracker to keep track of your affiliate sales and my FREE Workshop "Let Pinterest Grow Your Email List" So you can work on building your audience for your launch and grow your email list at the same time! 

Chapter 3: Writing, Proofreading and Formatting. Printable eBook layout guide, Tutorial VIDEO on formatting your eBook and how to create your own FREE 3D eBook cover! 

Chapter 4: Marketing and Promotion. Printable pre-launch guide!

Chapter 5: Selling Your eBook. Tutorial VIDEO on how to set up the distribution of your eBook. 

Chapter 6: Creating a Killer Sales Page and eBook Pricing. Tutorial VIDEO: Creating a Killer Sales Page! Printable sales page checklist. 

See who gave eBook Ninja 10 out of 10 stars! 

"Megan Johnson of Pinterest Ninja just "hit it out of the park" again with her new eBook course, eBook Ninja. Megan's easy-going teaching style mixed with her vast subject knowledge and enthusiasm make me feel like she is talking just to me, cheering me on to accomplish my goals as well as her own.  

I have found Megan to be a selfless mentor who really cares for her students and clients. The fact that she includes all updates to her courses FREE proves that she has the client's best interests at heart. I literally haven't heard of ANYONE else that adds that tremendous VALUE to their program."

Adrienne of WhimsyAndWow.com

"There are plenty of courses out there that teach you how to create an eBook. But Megan goes one step further and teaches you how to create a PROFITABLE eBook. After all, what good is a product that doesn't make you an income? Right? Right! Megan's eBook Ninja has not only inspired me to create my own eBook with easy-to-follow steps, but it has also allowed me the opportunity to monetize it beyond just the sale cycle. Highly recommend!"

Mala of MomChakra.com

"Megan delivers yet again with an easy walk through of how you can create an ebook from start to finish, even if you are a beginning blogger. You learn to use inexpensive blog resources to create and sell a successful digital product. And the bonus video tutorials breaks it down into baby steps- perfect if enjoy a visual learning experience!"

Saranya Ramanathan, OneFineWallet.com

"eBook Ninja is absolutely wonderful! Megan is clear and to the point on her strategies and covers way more than just writing an eBook. She goes into every single detail of having an eBook: the conception, the writing, the marketing, affiliate marketing, pricing, and the list goes on! I’m excited to get started on writing my own eBook now!"

Rachel Harrell of PaintNightsIn.com

"Ebook Ninja is an essential product bloggers need to grow their brand and business. It is a great guide to those who are creating an ebook for the first time. It includes ideas and video tutorials that make the process enjoyable. It has got me motivated to finish my own product and outlines the tools I will need to be successful. Ebook Ninja is worth every penny, because of it I am working on my first travel coloring book and I am excited to finish it."

Rebekah Stephens of TheHayWireHoney.com

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